Prop 8 supporter blasted for promoting traditional values — like spanking

California Assemblyman Michael Duvall (R) Orange County was recently caught on tape talking about his affairs with two different married female lobbyists.

In typical liberal media fashion, the press has decided to focus on unimportant issues like “ethics” and “hypocrisy” rather than the fact that Duvall received a perfect 100% ranking on Family Values issues from the Capitol Resource Institute. And absolutely no credit was given to Duvall for protecting three different traditional marriages as they struggled with the difficult subject of infidelity.

On top of that, in parts of the tape, Duvall voiced his support of the traditional family value of corporal punishment. He mentioned he enjoyed spanking one of the married female lobbyists because — as she readily admitted — she was a “bad girl.”

Duvall, a staunch Republican, has opposed all efforts to extend the institution of marriage to gay people — presumably because such indecent sexual activity would set a bad example for his two children.

I say we need more good men like Michael Duvall promoting traditional values in Sacramento.

Full Story @ OC Weekly

About John Marcotte

John Marcotte is a firm believer in traditional family values. He currently opposes government-funded death panels, Obama talking to children and MSNBC's entire prime-time line-up.
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27 Responses to Prop 8 supporter blasted for promoting traditional values — like spanking

  1. allaman says:

    He only spanked two married women! What’s the big deal? At least they weren’t other dudes…that would just be wrong.

  2. This is clearly a fake story. A woman lobbyist? You’re going to have me believe that not only did one woman have a job in this story, but TWO did? Come on. What kind of world do you think we live in?

  3. Jesse says:

    The gotcha liberal media elite should be ashamed of themselves. Assemblyman Duvall is working hard to instill moral heterosexual life lessons like juggling multiple mistresses and spanking your whores into his sons, to protect them from The Gay which is running unchecked in a great rainbow-colored, impeccably choreographed wave across America.

    Being a father and a heterosexual in this pro-divorce, pro-gay world is hard enough! Leave Michael alone!!!!

  4. TerrySchiavoJustWasnt'Hungry says:

    She was dripping…unprotected sex…multiple partners…out of wedlock…bearing false witness…baring a hairy back This man is going to HELL

  5. islandmanagers says:


    I don’t know where else to post this on this site, so I’ll just do it here.

    You have the audacity to state (on your home page, no less) “It’s a parent’s responsibility to teach their child about reality — not the state’s.”, yet you hypocritically propose a LAW to ban divorce!

    I’ve got a much better idea; howsabout we ban MARRIAGE, rather than divorce?? Who the hell does the STATE think it is, even getting involved?? Why is it that any swingin’ dick, whom otherwise wouldn’t qualify for a pilots license, a law degree, a driver’s license, or even a GED get’s a free pass to be “granted” the right to marry??

    As a country, we’ve lost sight of the fact that, deep in the Federalist Papers, it says we should protect against intrusion of the State in Church. For aesthetic flow, it was changed to “Church and State”. The original intent was, not that God, religion, or faith be banned from matters of State, but rather that the STATE be banned from matters of CHURCH. In other words, it’s absolutely O.K. for politicians to pray, but NOT for them to dictate OUR prayers. Churches are off-limits to politicians, but politicians are NOT off-limits to Churches.


    • I don’t know what country you woke up in this morning, but this is still AMERICA!

      So we have a Kenyan Muslim as our president, and the homosexual media elite are currently setting the national discourse…that will all change when Sarah Palin mounts her campaign for president in 2012, with Rush “Cool Hand Luke” Limbaugh as her running mate. Dignity and medieval traditions will return to our land, and our country’s role as a shining beacon of authoritarian Christian democracy will be restored.

      Marriage by homosexuals will be banned, divorce initiated by women will be banned, and income redistribution from the farmlands of the south to the poverty-stricken, immoral coastal metropolises will STOP.

    • Sarah Xian says:

      I’m praying for you. Hopefully it’s not too late.

    • Haysoos says:

      Banning gay marriage to protect the sanctity of marriage, but allowing divorce is hypocrisy. The number one thing that will destroy marriage is divorce, given that divorce is, ya know, dissolving a marriage against the very vows that the married couple said in front of a priest, and technically God. This is simply due process.

    • spinster says:

      By saying that people have to earn the right to get married and equating that to other licenses, are you implying that I need to be a pilot in order to be wed?

      The granting of some rights do not take away yours.

  6. Ubermensch says:

    WOWOWOW…the retarded mayor who proposed this deserves to be sodomized by the Grand Ayatollah….this is a complete violation of personal liberty…


  7. Mrcaliche says:

    WHat’s wrong with all of you people, don’t you want us to finally prove to the world what a real CHRISTIAN nation is? Getting rid of divorce to support our Lord’s Holy word is the first step toward getting rid of all of those gays, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Atheists that are sending our country to hell.
    Fina, Michael Duvall has committed adultery, but HE’S STILL MARRIED, that’s what matters… oh and he’s not married to another guy, cause that would be wrong!

    • Mrcaliche: You are 100% right and you have my support and the support of all 4 billion Christians living in this great country of ours.
      (Small correction: Mike Duvall didn’t commit adultery; he was set up by radical activist lesbians posing as sexy lobbyists. Conservatives never cheat.)

  8. Mongo's Girl says:

    I love you man. Will you marry me?

    • Oh Ye Of Little Faith says:

      I’m going to assume you’re really Mongo’s girl, so that means you’re already married. You’re in no position to ask another man to marry you. Polygamy is also a sin and illegal, and soon divorce will be too.

  9. Suze says:

    This blog has made my day.

  10. Crsytal says:

    you people are so closed minded…..wake up and smell the new generation….we are in 2009. Society is changing and it will keep changing. Get over yourselves, a person should marry because of love, it doesn’t matter who marries as long as they do it for the right reason. Stay out of other peoples lives and fix your own. The generation of 2009 will not let you people tell others how to live there lives…so open your eyes and if you don’t want to and are still being ignorant well then start getting use to it…or stay in your house and never come out…!!!!!!! power to freedom, and freedom of religion, power to love. Adulturyis caused by 70% of straight marriages and the reason why the divorce rate is up is all thanks to straights…do your math!!!!

  11. Laura says:

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