2010 California Marriage Protection Act PSAs

Our good friend Travis Richey made these two public service announcements (PSAs) to promote the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act. Watch them. Learn from them; and share them with loved ones and family.

It is truly a blessing from God when your wife can walk in on you watching an Internet video and it actually moves you further from divorce, rather than closer to it.

PSA #1

PSA #2

About John Marcotte

John Marcotte is a firm believer in traditional family values. He currently opposes government-funded death panels, Obama talking to children and MSNBC's entire prime-time line-up.
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609 Responses to 2010 California Marriage Protection Act PSAs

  1. Andy says:

    PSA #2 is absolutely brilliant! Kudos to a genius idea! I will be posting a link to your site over at http://www.TheVelvetJesus.com


    • Jambolya says:


      I really hope you go through with this and get this on the ballot..if for no other reason than to show California that they have to change their idiotic Proposition system.

      • Jesus Hates Christians says:

        Silence! Inferior one. Report immediately to your local reeducation facility! And don’t forget your burka!

    • Married 20+ says:

      So… I guess wife beaters can just keep doing it eh?

    • Married 20+ says:

      Brilliant? Keep the government OUT of my promise betwen GOD my spouse and myself!

  2. sherry says:

    You got to be kidding

  3. Todd says:

    not real sure how I feel about this

  4. Rush Limbuagh says:

    Get your tongue out of my cheek!

  5. Sean Hannity says:

    Now that’s the America I know and love! Reminds me of better times…before gays existed. You’re a great American Mr. Marcotte!

    • Hannah C says:

      They should ship all of those gays and, even worse, DIVORCED PEOPLE to an island. It isn’t natural. I saw someone with a ring on their finger and saw them a month later… WITHOUT A RING. It was so disgusting, I had to cover my son’s eyes

      • Susan says:

        God made gay people too. It is not your job to play God, if being a homosexual was really wrong then they will be judged by GOD when the time comes. Stop trying to play God, if you don’t believe in divorce, DON’T GET ONE. If you do not believe being a homosexual is right, then DON’T BECOME ONE. It is none of your business what other people do with their own lives.

      • pepper says:

        susan, you are right, but clearly this is about sarcasm and parody. this proposition shows people how ridiculous their arguments against gay marriage were. i think most of the comments here are tongue in cheek. this is juat an intelligent and creative way to reach people.

  6. cc says:

    God only recognizes the dissolution of a marriage through a properly sanctioned annulment! Not a divorce!
    Why must these couples insist on getting a divorce when they can get an annulment? What other “rights” will they want? When will this stop?
    Protect marriage, ban divorce!

  7. Susan says:

    Are you kidding me!? hahaha this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. I am actually in SHOCK right now. I really had more faith in people…really? Do you actually believe that if a man is abusing his wife and children she should not be allowed to get away for the safety of herself and her children? Broken marriages ruin lives… This is sick…Y’all need to think about these things before trying to get them to become a law…so much for freedom America.

    • DontAsk DontTell says:


      It appears that while divorce was legal in the state where you grew up, sarcasm was not. Learn how to recognize the signs. Sarcasm. It’s not just for teenagers anymore.


    • patti says:

      2 words. Poe’s Law.

      check it.

    • Ryan says:

      . . .you dont seem to understand that this is satire do you? So much for intelligence in America

    • Bryan says:

      No Susan, “if a man is abusing his wife and children” that man, if you really have the nerve to call him that, that “man” should be thrown in jail for the rest of his angered life until he can “man-up” and learn to be a human being again, and accept, support, and love his wife and children. If he can’t become that kind of loving person towards his current wife and children, then he shouldn’t ever be allowed to subject other women, and/or potential children to his abusivness, don’t you think? The only way to keep him from continuing to abuse women and children is to put him prison (unless he changes his ways of course). The truth is, he should never have been allowed to marry in the first place.

      While this whole “Protection of Marriage Act” proposal is a bit off the wall, it does cast a glaring spotlight on the fact that too many marriied couples don’t take their responsibilities as a married couple very seriously, especially when children are involved.

    • Narc says:

      This broad’s really in on the joke.

    • pepper says:

      sarcasm. i think this is genius. this is a brilliant way to show the prop 8 supporters how ridiculous they are. genius.

  8. Kendall says:

    No one sin is greater than another. Hatred is a sin…so you are just as bad as the people that you are accusing. Think about it…

    • Hatred is not a sin. It is specifically encouraged in the Bible as an expression of love for Jesus Christ. Hatred of divorcees, homosexuals, single mother, idolators, Democrats and other deviants is a way to prove, loud and clear, that we want to inherit the kingdom of God, even if it’s on the backs of people who don’t agree with us.

      • hvnsangel says:

        First of all it was in fun. Second, are you truly calling single mothers deviants?? Who are you??

      • I am a God-fearing Christian man who would never, ever be a single mother or have an abortion. They are sinners and will spend an eternity being tormented by demons in the afterlife for their unforgiveable sins.

      • Kennedy says:

        um he has a point about no sin being greater than the other. Being divorced is NOT SIN, When you divorce under the right terms. If this was to pass, it would trap people like myself that were cheated on, and abused. If the state had passed something like this two years ago when I left him, the “death do us part” would have came true for him if I wasn’t able to legally divorce

    • Jambolya says:

      Kendall…a judgmental spirit is also a sin. So stop sinning, you sinner.

      • xx says:

        Jambolya, where did you witness a judgmental spirit in Kendall’s post? She was encouraging someone to not hate others. Keep in mind, while we are not to judge the HEART of another (because we cannot know it), their actions are objective and thus subject to correction. While I recognize Christians (which I’m guessing you do not consider yourself) are commanded to remove the plank from their own eye before pointing out the speck in someone else’s, that does not mean we are called to ignore objective behavior that is sinful. I guess Joe the Plumber is probably also not a Christian, and thus not to be held to the standard to which we are called to hold ourselves, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kendall’s post appeared to me at least, not to be judgmental so much as encouraging other’s to reflect upon the nature of their own hearts and attitudes. Even if they don’t agree with biblical principles, I think many, if not most people, can agree, that hatred is not constructive.

  9. Shack Upchurch says:

    Yes..ban all divorce the simple way. Pass the shack up legislation. No divorce necessary, just shack up with another, mate! If you have kids send them to grandma, no grandma, then the Department of Social Services will take the kiddies off your hands. Shoot don’t ban gay marriages..ban em all…or should I say damn them all! A great idea may be comming out of this idea..no marriages, automatically ends divorce. Sign me up. Just call me Shack Upchurch.. Middle name is Em.. like Auntie Em from Oz.

  10. iglu says:

    Finally!!!long overdue. Marriage is for eternity, not for convenience. All or nothing, there is no divorce in the bible, as there is gay-ism only in sodom and gomorrha – we need to stop the sin of divorce and gays so god help us. No more divorce… finally my payers came true.

    • Kendall says:

      how can you all think like this? This is complete extremism…y’all need to CALM DOWN.

      • Kendall says:

        “death do you part” pretty sure if this law is passed death rates sure are gonna go up!!!

      • DontAsk DontTell says:

        But Kendall, suicide is ALSO a sin. (Jeez, so many to keep up with.)

        Fortunately, God gave us a wonderful plant called marijuana. Not expressly forbidden in the Bible. Whew! And good for arthritis too.


    • Sarah says:

      Obviously this clip is a mockery of extremist ideas (like stated earlier… recognize sarcasm). Furthermore if this was an actual proposition those who agree with it are merely trying to quick fix a major problem instead of getting to the true cause. Why do people get married, why do people get divorced? Now, if you could solve all the possible negative answers to these questions divorce would not even be a recognized term. In general bad things will happen, but in order to attempt to conquer something you must fully understand it.

    • Little Lady says:

      Divorce is permissible in the Bible under certain circumstances. God clearly states that abuse and adultery are two prime examples in which He allows divorce. This law would trap folks that may end up in those situations along with precious children. While I do not condone divorce, there are situations in which it is far better than remaining in the marriage. And, in most circumstances, one is not aware of those circumstances prior to the big “I do.” I don’t believe anyone goes into marriage thinking, “Oh, I’ll marry you until….” This law would be extremely dangerous rather than promoting the sanctity of marriage. It would be far better to reward lasting marriages!

  11. Hi, I'm Jesus says:

    If my wife divorces me for cheating on her the law will require a large D to be branded on her forehead.

    • Susan says:

      you are stupid. and disgusting. If I didn’t believe God would judge you in the end I would kick your ass where you stand. Amen.

      • Jesus Hates Christians says:

        Silence! Inferior one. Report immediately to your local reeducation station. Be sure to pick up your neocon approved burka!

      • Women should have the right in a free society to wear nothing more than a skimpy French maid’s outfit or a cheerleader miniskirt and bra, if they like. (Unless they are old and dumpy, in which case they should be stoned just as the Bible instructs)

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  13. Terri says:

    Thank goodness,… equality for all. It is about time that we started preserving marriage. I really like the old tradition of marrying strangers, settled by Dad in my childhood to the richest guy in town. Another favorite is public consummation with blooded sheets! Thank goodness you are fighting for good traditional values.

  14. ThatOneGirl says:

    please tell me, my aunt has been in a horrible marriage for over 20 years and has been abused and cheated on by him. Every day my uncle makes her feel lower then dirt and tell her that she is worth nothing in this world. Plus they have a daughter(my cousin) and he in no way supports her in any way. So tell me, if the “ACT” is passed, i wanna know, how will it benifit a situation like this?

    • Kept together by the shackles of holy matrimony, maybe your aunt will recognize what she needs to make her husband happy so your uncle won’t get so hot-headed all the time. They can also take advantage of your local Pentecostal or Baptist deacon for marriage advice, who would not be able to offer his fine tutelage to a divorced couple.

  15. Adam says:

    The union marriage (contemporary act due to history) is a consensual partnership of two or more people. We shape and personal define marriage in our choices. Nevertheless, it is only as of recent we have not participated in shaping and defining marriage by the acceptance of interracial unions (of course, there are a couple of other instances, but I am trying to keep this short). With this newly evolved social acceptance we have since developed a different understanding of marriage in western civilization. Oh hell, your zealots, charlatans, and ignoramuses so why I am I explaining contemporary progressions when you are talking about act of freedom… Jessica, I do not usually do not spend my time communicating to unconsciously anxious rapists (um, people who are in favor of this proposition, try to understand that…!), so can I have my two min.’s back lol. This proposition is never going to pass.

  16. Adam says:

    The union marriage (contemporary act due to history) is a consensual partnership of two or more people. We shape and personal define marriage in our choices. Nevertheless, it is only as of recent we have not participated in shaping and defining marriage by which previous historical biases dictate; e.g. the acceptance of interracial unions (of course, there are a couple of other instances, but I am trying to keep this short). With this newly evolved social acceptance we have since developed a different understanding of marriage in western civilization. Oh hell, your zealots, charlatans, and ignoramuses so why I am I explaining contemporary progressions when you are talking about act of freedom… Jessica, I do not usually do not spend my time communicating to unconsciously anxious rapists (um, people who are in favor of this proposition, try to understand that…!), so can I have my two min.’s back lol. This proposition is never going to pass.

  17. Adam says:

    I still think this isn’t serious,it must be a joke.

  18. Adam says:

    Another correction*** You’re a bunch of*****

  19. Jambolya says:

    The Onion Opinion Page is again helping to explain why Christians can’t support gay people: because that is the way God made them.

    Check it out: http://www.theonion.com/content/opinion/if_god_had_wanted_me_to_be

  20. The FunPie says:

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Same point made in a very funny way here:

  21. JesusRaptor says:

    All the people who think this is serious make me lol.

    • Will says:

      Dosen’t it

      But he has a point in comparison with Prop 8. The goal was to protect traditional marriage. Same thing here, and the Prop 8 people would be drew into it by that good old phrase they invented, Protecting Traditional Marriage.

      they just might be stupid enough to fall for it, even though the whole point is to take away THEIR rights. Its so perfectly simple and stupid (not trying to offend, but the concept if it was for a serious reason would be stupid) that it may just work….

      Now, if it gets passed into voting, and actually passes…..well, I don’t know what to do after that.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Yes, he has a point and I’m willing to prove that point by voting to outlaw Divorce. I don’t think Divorce should be outlawed, but can you imagine the attention it would draw to having the ban against Gay Marriage repealed? I want all those pricks who outlawed gay marriage in California to suddenly lose the right to divorce. After all we’re protecting Marriage – and- we’ll do it for the children!

  22. Elliot says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! I think this is a brilliant plan! How else are violent domestic abusers going to legally be allowed to locate their spouse (victim) to finish the job? I mean, when a victim of domestic abuse runs for their life, I say they’re being a pussy and need to fight it out to…what was that? “Death Do They Part?” LMAO! I say the next initiative shoud be for the pro-life side to ban rape victims from getting abortions! WHO’S WITH ME!?

  23. Elliot says:

    I’m sorry…in my haste to post my support for this brilliant idea, I forgot to mention how caring, loving and Christian it is to force children to live in, and be raised by, two people who can’t stand the sight of eachother. Actually, the more I think about it, the better and better this idea seems! It was obviously thought through to it’s logical conclusions. Amazing. I’m so glad that there is absolutely nothing else going on in this country of ours that requires the time, attention and money that this masterpiece is.

  24. xx says:

    Re: the First PSA — the thing is, while they’re mocking supporters of Prop 8, they’re exposing a deeper truth. If you’re married, ask yourself this, if you woke up every morning and told yourself “my marriage is not a right, but a privilege”, would your marriage be different (or, if your spouse adopted that same approach to you, do you think it would be)? Would you treat your husband or wife differently? Are you taking them for granted today; right now? Is marriage just a legal arrangement, sanctioned by the state, and meant to be a convenience (and just grant rights of inheritance, financial benefits, and medical decision-making authority); is it something that anyone should be able to enter into, and get out of, freely? Or is it something more? Something designed and implemented by someone or something larger than us and our puny government? Isn’t it larger than the crooks we elect to steal our money and tell us what we can and can’t do? Is REAL marriage something that’s really subject to, and affected by, what a bunch of crooks write down and pass into a fleeting law; or is it above all that?

    If it’s not, is it really worth much?

    (Re: the 2nd PSA, it’s just full of idiocy and straw men arguments that have nothing to do with anything, and really beneath the actual genius of this movement)

  25. Crsytal says:

    you people are so closed minded…..wake up and smell the new generation….we are in 2009. Society is changing and it will keep changing. Get over yourselves, a person should marry because of love, it doesn’t matter who marries as long as they do it for the right reason. Stay out of other peoples lives and fix your own. The generation of 2009 will not let you people tell others how to live there lives…so open your eyes and if you don’t want to and are still being ignorant well then start getting use to it…or stay in your house and never come out…!!!!!!! power to freedom, and freedom of religion, power to love. Adulturyis caused by 70% of straight marriages and the reason why the divorce rate is up is all thanks to straights…do your math!!!!

    • Ducky says:

      Please tell me that this is joke. A well played and devious joke that caught everyone. Brilliant if it is. Stupid and scary if it isn’t.

  26. Father Mulcahy says:

    Jocularity !

  27. sisk says:

    Divorce should not be illegal. I’m a Christian and most how know me would say I’m a strong one, but I can’t get behind a law that forces battered women to stay with their dickhead husbands. That being said you should actually have a GOOD reason to divorce. This nonsense of “I fell out of love, let’s get a divorce” that’s been going on for the last couple decades has got to stop. It’s bad for any kids involved, bad for the people involved, and bad for our society. And I may be alone in this, but I really didn’t appreciate the sarcastic tone towards a proposition that was obviously conceived with the best of intentions. How about you try pointing out the flaws that need fixed rather than just dismissing it entirely? I think anyone with half a brain can agree that the divorce rate in this country is a problem (and yes, that means that if you can’t agree that over half of marriages ending in divorce is a problem that I believe you have less than half a brain).

    • Kennedy says:

      I totally agree with you as I am a christian and was with an abusive husband. Abuse is never okay and that along with affair’s should be the only reason anyone every gets divorced. I was divorced two years ago, and if the state had banned divorcing I would have done something way really really bad if the only way I could be free from him hitting me was to have the other party die, I would be looking at my kids through glass. This is a horrible thing to try to pass I can’t believe that someone would even say this was ok.

  28. Sara says:

    ok is this really serious!? someone please tell me

  29. Glenn Beck says:


    This is, I’m sorry [...] this is I would say, the proudest moment of my life, as an American. I have always been proud of our great nation, don’t get me wrong, but in these troubling, fearful times, this bill shines as a beacon of hope.
    God bless Christian Americans

  30. boob says:

    I vote a new proposition….BAN ALL MARRIAGE. There.

  31. Supporter X says:

    When once upon a time I may have bought into the idea that the country was divided into the “haves” and the “have nots”, it has become glaringly obvious that we are divided into the “brains” and the “brainless”. To the founders of this movement, I pledge my unwavering support and unabashed admiration. To the folks who don’t get it, I ask (rhetorically of course), “Are you f-ing kidding me?”

  32. Tim in Riverside says:

    I must tell you I would vote for this if it qualifys for the ballot. I know to you it is a joke, but I agree with the premise of a lifetime marriage. Perhaps people would think long and hard before marrying. We would save a fortune on family court costs and people could still run to Nevada for a quickie divorce, just like they did a few decades ago. If you market this properly the religious groups will most likely embrace it. Good luck with this and I hope I see it on the ballot in 2010. I support marriage.

  33. Rain says:

    New Prop.

    Ban all dumbass Christians.

  34. LeyaJew says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier… the video’s or the idiots who don’t understand what a parody or sarcasm is. Seriously people- take a pill, chill the hell out and think about it.
    The funniest part is that the Prop 8 passers (A Storm is Coming) are the reason people believe someone can be this off the wall…
    Good job Travis, I’m proud of you!!!

  35. dick says:

    what the fuck people!?

    without divorce most our lives would be shit!!!!!

    i hope this never even gets put on the ballot!

  36. cloud9ine says:

    Flyover country in most of comment land :)

  37. Jen says:

    Seriously people, you have the right to be Christians but please understand that other people have the right NOT TO BE CHRISTIAN. Would you like the government to pass a law saying we all must practice a particular religion. I doubt it!! Yes, the Bible says only book that says that getting a divorce is immoral but we live in America and have a fundemental CONSTITUTIONAL right to FREEDOM of RELIGION. What right do Christians have to tell anyone else what to believe? What country do I live in?? I think I might need to go outside and check right now.

  38. Chas says:

    When are we, as citizens of this country, going to see the true separation of Religion and State and stopping of the confusion that benifits only a small minority of our citizens? The State (ie The Laws of the State) should not interfer (for or against in anyway) with any religion, Likewise Religion should not interfer with(seeking to influence, control, or get religious enforcement from)the State. The States Laws should be written in clear & precise wording (wording that has no social/religious interpretation); clearly the words “Marriage” or “Devorce” are not such words. And in our country, when there are such muddled worded laws, it falls to the lawyers to argue it and the last judge (who frequently was a lawyer) to decide – who profits from this but the lawyers (and maybe judges?). I say let the religions decide what is and what is not allowed in their religions and enforce it – not the states laws; the states laws should decide what is legal or not and enforce it. Partnership contracts and their separations are (and should be) a legal concern – not a religious concirn. If this was truly the case then we might see fewer partnerships (“Marriages” as they are now named) being made in such poor judgement & haste; and even fewer separations (“Devorces” as they are now named)with such destruction and ill will.
    The only ones who might not benifit would be those who profit from the confusion.

  39. warren says:

    this is a crazy thing you wanna turn into a law sure i see the pros and cons of this issue
    i mean you get married u have the option of divorce if the marriage dont work out but their are couples who dont try to make a marriage work and think the easiest way out is a divorce but then again who are we to judge people based on the fact your gay or want a divorce its stupid to try to judge or play god i guess im kinda twisted on the issue but then again some states or cities its against the law to cheat on ur spouse sorry but i am torn between the 2

  40. George Washington Winstonhammerman says:

    They always say that Americans don’t have a sense of irony. Well, I guess these comments prove that.

  41. Jenna says:

    If divorce is banned, domestic homocide and suicide rates will skyrocket. Is is better to be divorced or dead?

  42. Lois says:

    I don’t understand why the Mormons and the Defense of Marriage people have not put millions into your campaing, perhaps they just hate gays and don’t really care about the “protecting marriage’

  43. michelle says:

    this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard! so someone like me who was having their nose busted monthly should just have to stay with that person! are you out of your freakin mind?

    • Are you serious? says:

      This is one of the single dumbest thing that I have ever heard. This site should be shut down asap. What happens when there is violance in the marriage and someone gets seriously hurt or even killed? You may have saved a marriage but led someone to get really hurt. How about when people cheat?

      Come one people use common sense. People should have their own choice in something like this and not be told that can’t get out of a horrible marriage they dont like and there are a million reasons and situations in a marriage.

  44. Suzanne says:

    I am all for speaking one’s mind. But seriously, really? Divorce is “evil”? Divorce is “unnatural”? Says who? Those who believe in these statements can yap all they want– I’m sure I will see them eating packaged foods (unnatural) and sneaking peeks at porn whenever they can (ooooo, porn….eViL). Would you degrade a woman who divorces a man because she finds out he’s a pedophile? My mom did that– is she evil and unnatural now?
    Everyone is doing the best they can in today’s society. Who are you to judge? Are you as “clean as God’s fingers”?

  45. Bob says:

    Kill them! Kill them all! Take back our country. Kill Them!!

  46. Lacey says:

    I just trip onto this website and I personally think its hilarious. You guys are so ignorant to think this country will agree to losing partial of there freedom of choice? I doubt this. Also to the authors comment, obama speaking to children? Are you racist too? Also If gay people want to be together let them be, there not bothering you. Im getting married in the fall and Im very surprise to see this kind of shit. I agree people should give it there all before giving up on there marriage as it is an important, but when your husband is beating you ever single night, does drugs and will beat you more if you tell someone, dont you think that calls for a divorce to save a life or you really think a woman deserves that type of marriage? Think about that.

    • Sally says:

      i agree bannin devoirce? Never going to happen not every marriage is perfect

    • GayinSimi says:

      I am really close to giving 100% of my support to this banning of divorce act. It just goes a bit too far. The New Testament forbids second marriages unless your first marriage ended because of adultery or death. I would love to see an initiative banning second marriages. The hypocrites who used the Bible to define marriage (and then voted YES on prop 8) shouldn’t ignore the very words of Jesus himself. He bans second marriages in the books of Mathew, Mark and Luke

  47. Sally says:

    YOU GUYS R SOOOOOO STUPID!!! Come on! What if the husband becomes a drunk and abuses his wife? Your trapping her in death house! My family member got a devorice because her/his husband freakin hit her hard she had purple marks on his/ her back! What if the wife becomes a druggy and now he’s stuck with the kids slowly dying from 2degree smoking! I agree. If a marriage can stay alive they should do everything in their hearts to make it work, but come on… not all people who get married should stay together becuz people hurt their spouse…

  48. Jen says:

    Marcotte said he’s confident Proposition 8 supporters will rally behind the California Marriage Protection Act.

    “After all, [Proposition 8 supporters] weren’t trying to take rights away from gay people; they were just trying to protect traditional marriage,” Marcotte said. “I’m sure they will support this 100 percent, even if this time it is their rights that get diminished. It would be hypocritical for them not to support us.”

    Read more: http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-09-15/news/politics-city-county-government/secular-progressive-wants-to-ban-divorce#ixzz0VB2MrzfU

    Responding to the above comments in the news media.

    What this man fails to understand is that people, in general, do not identify with those they are not similar to. Yes, many people supported Prop 8 (which clearly mixed state/religion policies) because those people cannot identify with the people that Prop 8 would have benefited. However, even though to not support this Prop would be hypocritical because clearly the Bible says divorce is wrong as well, people can identify with those who have been divorced. Many of us, myself included, know or have themselves been victims of domestic violence (or a desperately unhappy marriage) and who is going to tell their best friend, mother, or sister that they don’t have the right to divorce the person who is beating or berating them on a daily basis. Really, can you look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself that you could be that person? Some marriages cannot be repaired. I grew up with two parents who openly loathed one another and went out of their way to make one another miserable; I cannot even imagine how bad things would have been if they had been forced to remain in the same house with each other. If you want to “fix” this problem don’t try banning divorce; why not try making it more difficult to get married. In the state of CA it’s harder to get a driver’s license than it is a marriage license. Common sense, people, common sense!!!

  49. Isabelle says:

    SO ACCORDING TO THIS FUCKING ADD IM REPULSIVE AND UNLOVABLE BECAUSE MY MOM IS A SINGLE MOM???!!!this is insane. what if the man abused your mother or cheated? what she has to stay with him now?? these people are really stupid.

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