Larry King mounts a fresh assault on the sanctity of marriage

No one wants to think about what Larry King is doing in his private life. It stirs up disturbing imagery of women lashed to bedposts with clip-on suspenders while the air is pregnant with the twin scents of sex and Ben Gay. But since Larry can’t seem to keep his “Little King” in the broadcast booth, we have no choice but to think about the unthinkable:

Aging CNN talk-show legend Larry King is in the doghouse after explosive allegations surfaced that he bedded the beautiful younger sister of his wife of 13 years.

King, 76, filed for divorce from his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, 50, in a Los Angeles court yesterday in the wake of the eye-popping allegations. It’s the suspenders-wearing chatmeister’s eighth trip to splitsville, as he divorced one of his wives twice.

The constant warring between Larry and Southwick got so intense, it erupted into a slap-fest outside a Beverly Hills restaurant on Feb. 7, Radar reported.

Source: Fox News

Given his history, it’s not surprising that Larry King would get divorced again. What is surprising is the lack of response from the traditional marriage establishment. There have been no public condemnations from the National Organization for Marriage, the Catholic Church or the Latter Day Saints — three organizations that have spent millions of dollars protecting traditional marriage from the evils of gayness.

Perhaps NOM was too busy waging its $500,000 war against Republican Senate candidate Tom Campbell who supports gay marriage to chime in.

Still you think at least one of those groups would be able to take a few moments to point out that Larry is on the express train to hell. Sometimes, it almost feels like they don’t even care.

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John Marcotte is a firm believer in traditional family values. He currently opposes government-funded death panels, Obama talking to children and MSNBC's entire prime-time line-up.
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7 Responses to Larry King mounts a fresh assault on the sanctity of marriage

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  2. It’s sad and sickening that Larry King is applauded for getting so many divorces.

    But let’s be clear: that’s mostly because he’s not Christian.

    Christian men should have the right to divorce wives who have “cheated” on them (by getting older, uglier or dumpier).

    For everyone else: divorce should be banned.

  3. smg1981 says:

    It’s very clear what the Mormon or Catholic church’s stance on divorce is: they’re against it. But it’s hardly their job to comment on every divorce.

  4. AndyM says:

    When I think about all the women Larry has committed to hell by entering into his unholy, adulterous marriages, I shudder with fear for their souls and anger against the people who failed to stop it. And the fact that he’s divorced all of them! My God, are Larry King and all his ex-wives doomed to spend eternity burning in Hell? Why didn’t someone step in and prevent him from all those sins?

  5. Che says:

    “Marriage between a man and a woman is not a religious construct but a natural institution found across all cultures and religions. Marriage is a unique kind of sexually complementary union with a natural orientation to life.”
    “Theterosexual couples who are infertile still have more right to marriage because “their lovemaking is designed to give life”.
    “Allowing two men or two women to marry would involve a fundamental change in our understanding of marriage, from a life-giving and sexually complementary union to a personal, romantic relationship with no true communion or connection to procreation,”

  6. Coxhere says:

    Mr. King might not have ever gotten into “trouble” for his marriage-and-divorce, serial monogamy. However, I know that his radio show was pulled from a Houston, TX station (I started to write “conservative” but all stations in Houston are conservative) after King got into a heated debate with a homophobic caller who made it his mission to prevent marriage inequality.

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