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RescueMarriage.org is the brain-child of concerned Christian and political activist John Marcotte, who felt strongly that Prop 8 did not go far enough in protecting traditional marriage. With the help of attorneys and friends, Marcotte is attempting to ban divorce in the State of California.

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  2. Tina says:

    Although I agree with the fact that everyone should have the same rights, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that if we “ban” divorce you have people who are in abusive situations or arranged marriages and when something goes south other than the fact that the person is just “not for you” any longer what do we do then? Really that is my only question. Thanks

  3. Steve says:

    If you get enough petitions will you ACTUALLY submit them so we can vote on it? I know you all think this is oh so “ironic”, “satirical” or maybe some sort of poetic justice, but banning divorce would be a great benefit to society. A lot of sane Californians would vote for it because marriage is a vow for life, not a temporary contract for convenience. So, if all you pissed off gay-marriage supporters vote for it too, I think we can win!

    • Charles says:

      I just want to say all of this is NON-SENSe, first, banning divorce will be a violation of human rights and liberties, dont you think that people have the right to makle their own choice?, second, do you relaize that the catholic church is responsable for almost ALL of the greater masacre and wars in the human history? Are you still the kind of people (and i dont talk about all american)that strongly believe that homosexuals and people like me, who have no faith in religion whatsoever, are the devils minions? I hope that your not because if you are, you still live in the 17e century

      • ModerateMoe says:

        The government would never do anything to violate liberties. oh… wait. That’s what prop 8 did. It wasn’t the government, it was a slim majority of Californians who decided to violate the rights or our gay brothers and sisters.

      • Paul says:

        If we pass a law to protect traditional marriage from the minor threat of gay marriage, wouldn’t it be irresponsible to not pass a law defending it from the real threat of divorce? or was that first law not to protect marriage at all? was it just homophobia?

      • kori says:

        you don’t think denying gays the right to vote is a violation of human rights and liberties?! Do you still live in the 17th century?

    • Amber says:

      Steve, you state that “if all you pissed off gay-marriage supporters vote for it too, I think we can win!”
      Why on earth would gay marriage supporters advocate for legislation created by people who fight to abolish equal marriage rights? That makes no sense.
      And how would banning divorce “be a great benefit to society”? If one spouse is in an emotionally and/or physically abusive relationship and cannot legally get out of it, how is that beneficial to anyone?

      • Steve says:

        Amber, the point is that if people are truly concerned about the sanctity of marriage and preserving the institution, they’ll proscribe its greatest threat: Divorce. But of course they’re not concerned about that. Their primary objective is making sure same-sex couples remain second-class citizens.

  4. Bruce says:

    Yes, ban divorce. Next, require a license to procreate – a license is required to hunt, fish, drive, buy booze. Make abortion only illegal for those planning to send there spawn off to war, better dead later. Oh and the sad sack concern over abusive relationships is nonsense – it’s a choice. Just like homosexuality, chosen rather than intended. Say “I Do” then do. No more pre-nups, no more alimony, no more divorce attorneys, no more step parents. Only straight, church sanctioned contracts that end in hell or heaven – tithes and class status beneficial to acquiring the later. Thanks to all the good work of the cult of morman, and the black and white baptist scourge, and the sad sad sad catholic corp., and a belligerent governance, and enron, California has settled into mediocrity. Never again being the scorn of the ignorant losers across this land who thought; since we don’t get it let’s marginalize it. Please let’s ban divorce, and send the fools packin!!! I want my Cali back!!

    • sasha says:

      homosexuality is not a choice. numerous scientific studies have proven that it’s actual part of fetal brain development. before the child is born; it’s actually genetic. environmental factors don’t control it, and neither do emotions.
      as for abusive relationships…. you would rather a woman be beat by her husband everyday than divorce him? or that a parent is abusive to the children, so the other parent takes the children and leaves for the safety of the children.

      • Haden says:

        sasha, I happen to know a lot about science. The science of Genesis, for example, clearly states that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Those “scientists” you discuss are probably too busy feasting on unborn fetuses to realize the obvious errors of choosing homosexuality.

        and as for a woman in abusive relationships, she really should have thought about that before she married the guy. christ on a crutch, that’s just common sense.

      • Blondie says:

        Haden, now I know about science, obviously all this claiming to knowing science thing is hard to believe but if you do I am currently doing a Medical Sciences at the Uni of Birmingham. Anyway, what you are saying is not science, it is not using logic, not using evidence that scientists present to you. In science you can’t just insult another scientist and use that as a reason to ignore the evidence they prresent. You also can’t make a poor claim like God only made man and women, what colour was there skin? there skin colour had to be one so that means one of the skin colours is an error, maybe there hair, maybe it was only suppsoed to be blonde so black and ginger haired people are a error and whoever, dunno, which other do will know little about and are scared and confused about?

        But I will tell you what God made, he made me gay, pure and simple, not a choice at all, maybe you don’t understand the concept of love, it seems there are many loud mouth Christains (sorry to the rest of the Christains) that can’t understand love and the simple fact falling in love is never a choice. But what do I know, it seems a good “life style” to “choose” we have people saying we are scum of the Earth, saying we are a sin for being born, we have risk of alienation from all the people we know, we have people shouting abuse, threatening us, even killing us for the way we are, we have even the government discriminating us and in certain parts of the world, laws that allow our extermination, actual legal murdering, so yeah it’s such a good life to “choose”. Though atleast I know if I am eventually able to have marriage mine will be built from love, unlike yours as you clearly have no concept of such an emotion.

      • Haden says:

        Is your medical degree flame-retardant? If so, it’ll be a big help to you when you’re burning in eternal hellfire.
        God only made man and woman. A gnostic text I recently read indicated they both had a sorta “greenish” coloured skin; I guess after a few generations of inbreeding the tones varied a bit, it’s hard to say.

        anyway, you missed my point all together. Here’s the recap: homosexuality is a choice. Just like heterosexuality. That’s a choice too. When I see a nice piece of ass, it’s my choice to tap or not to tap said ass. (If I look up and see a man’s face attached to that sexy, sexy ass, I have to decide then and there if I want to become homosexual, or if I’m fine with the almighty cleavage of a hooter’s chick. This is all in the Bible, btw.)

        And hey, I’ve seen enough sitcoms to know marriage is never based on love. It’s a holy institution, like circumcision. (To be clear, circumcision, like marriage, should never be undone. This is why I am voting for the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act.)

      • Blondie says:

        Well I think you will be the one burning in hell, let’s find out who’s right. And thanks you completely ignored my reasonable logical explanation as to why homosexuality is not a choice with the come back of “it’s a choice”, I hate to say that I am right but that was not a come back, it was a complete ignoring of the truth.

        Though, reading what you said you sound like you have no concept of what love is and that you are actually a bisexual, now let me tell you, bisexuals are “eviler” than homosexuals in the eyes of the religious, you will be in a stronger fire than me.

        Maybe marriages aren’t generally based on love but if homosexuals were allowed to marry, then wouldn’t it be protecting the sancity of marriage more for it being on love and not the apparent other reasons.

      • Haden says:

        Everyone knows God wrote the bible moments after he created man (See Genesis, 52:12). And when he wrote said anthem of love, he spoke to the good people of earth saying “Go up, my warriors, against the land of Merathaim and against the people of Pekod. Yes, march against Babylon, the land of rebels, a land that I will judge! Pursue, kill, and completely destroy them, as I have commanded you,” says the LORD. “Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction.” (Jeremiah 50:21-22). This passage clearly is a metaphor about homosexuals, how homosexuality is a choice, and how we should not let them marry, or have equal rights as others. (Unless, of course, they decide to chase the proper sort of “tail”).

        You keep saying I am “loveless”. How can I be without “love” when I am quoting the Bible, the ultimate source of love? How can I not understand love when I am constantly warning you of your imminent and unavoidable damnation? There is no greater love than that.

        It hurts my soul that you’d accuse me of being a “bisexual”. Only for a little while, though. Then I remember you are a heathen, who will spend eternity in a lake of fire. That really brings a smile to my face. :)

      • Forgiven says:

        This entire site is a farce, so you can’t really expect people who comment on here to be concerned about empircal data, logic, science, and basic common sense. I truly hope that people like Haden know that they are full of it. If you claim to be a representative of God then you should recognize that Jesus’ teachings are all about love, inclusion, GOOD news, never once does Christ talk about the multitudes that he will condemn to firey hell. And don’t even get me started on “judge not …”, “log in your own eye …”, “him with out sin …”.

        So, Blondie, on behalf of all Christians everywhere, I apologize for those that use our name and don’t practice our teachings but rather supplant them with hate, condemnation, and separatism. Let me assure you that is not what Christianity is about. I will leave you with one final thought (although not my own), “never argue with an idiot, He’ll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.” Also, it is unkind to get into a battle of wits with the unarmed.

      • Haden says:

        Forgiven, I could not agree with you more. You are right to conclude this “battle of the minds” between me and Blondie was incredibly one-sided. For this I apologize, Blondie. I should never have argued with you; I am obviously much smarter than you, which unfortunately brought me down to your level. (To be clear, that’s the level where you and yours burn in hell for not thumping your bibles.)

        I also apologize to any and all of your future patients. A naive sinner seeking a medical degree? What has this country come to? I’d much rather have a colonoscopy in Yugoslavia than participate in any sort of medical examination with the dirty, dirty, completely unclean likes of you.

        As Jesus famously said “Let he [it's important to note the masculine pronoun here] who is without sin cast the first stone.” I recently became absolved of my sins through baptism, and therefore can cast stones at as many pagan devil-worshippers as I wish. (Figuratively, of course. The art of stoning has long since gone out of fashion. Perhaps it will return following the success of the California Marriage Protection Act…)

      • Blondie says:

        Forgiven, thanks, I do stop arguing with people when I realise they are delusional idiots that are not taking a word in that I say. And I was able to realise that these so called Christains ignored the basic teachings of Jesus Christ, which is almost funny at the irony behind it and I do feel sorry for the many, many good Christains that get a bad name when they are pushed to the background by these loud mouth delusional idiots.
        This said it is annoying to watch the Government make laws that either say I’m less equal or I can’t express my own religion (depending on whether you see marriage in a legal stance or a religious one). I’m also a bit sick of the amount of suffering, hate, and even death that is caused by them, the world would be better if these hateful biggots were actually seen for what they are not have laws made for them, we would have actual real morals instead of ones like hate being morally right.

      • TRC says:

        I just want to say this….homosexualityis not genetic….have you ever seen a gay man who has been really really pissed off to the point of no return…what happens…during the course of his dismay you will eventually see that male egotistical domination come over him…he does not fall down and cry…which substatially shows you that his acts of femeninity are solely by choice.

      • Brianne says:

        TRC – that makes total sense, seeing as how women all collapse into a pile of wallowing snot when presented with frustration. Clearly feminine is equal to weak, right?
        Oh, jesus! I almost forgot how we squeeze a new human out of an opening the size of a quarter, oftentimes without the aid of pain medication.

      • Haden says:

        I agree fully with TRC and Brianne. The female sex is clearly the weaker of the two sexes, (it’s in the bible. and just look at those flabby arms), and when men incorporate such inferior, feminine characteristics into their everyday persona (e.g. every gay person in every episode of Sex and the City) it makes him just a little bit gayer.

        Gayness, or “homosexualityis” (this is the more proper, medical term), is a choice. Like wearing slippers, diabetes, or being an Ozzy Osbourne groupy.

        But this is completely off-topic. What we should be focusing on is the illegalization of divorce. Because, honestly, there is no reason, absolutely none, why anyone should be able to dissolve their marriage.

        We can focus on the persecution and (god-willing) eventual imprisonment of the gays after we destroy divorce. :D

      • ModerateMoe says:

        Once we get to focus on the imprisonment of the gay (God knows they deserve it, they keep making us straights look bad every time we forget to match our belt to our shoes, and for making neighborhoods look nicer), we can put the focus where it needs to be. We need to look at removing rights for women, blacks and Jews. We all know that God intended for white straight men who wear t-shirts (with yellowed pit stains) that say “Guns don’t kill people, I kill people” to have all the rights.

      • Haden says:

        ModerateMoe, you have read my mind!!!
        do you have some sort of mind-reading device? it’s scary, man!

        it’s nice to see some people have their head on straight.
        (and by “straight”, I of course mean white, male heterosexual adults.)

        END DIVORCE BY 2010!!!!
        END WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE BY 2012!!!!

      • Paul says:

        Blondie fails at life… How did she not get that Haden is using major satire. As you go down the conversation you see him using more and more self-refuting or tounge-in-cheek arguments. It’s impressive who they’ll let into Uni these days.

        But really, from the first post I knew it was satire. What’s great is how long it went on for.

      • KJ Rodarte says:

        I just can’t believe so many people believe and live their lives by some book written thousands of years ago! Why so much hatered towards homosexuals? I don’t hear the same hatered spewed at all the other people who “sin” and violate the 10 commandments. How many take the lords name in vain, have commited adultry, stolen … etc… come on.. so those that live here in California, I ask you this… When they allowed gay marriage those few short months, how did that effect you? Was your life turned upside? Did something tragic happen in those few short months? Yeah, didn’t think so. So as a straight man who is married… I am more offended by all the Christian “breeders” who keep pushing their B.S. beliefs on me! I don’t live my life according to the good book of THE HOBBITT, because it, like the bible is fiction!

      • passerbyu says:

        as for abusive relationships…. you would rather a woman be beat by her husband everyday than divorce him?

        Research shows that in nearly all cases, the woman knew of his abusive tendencies BEFORE tying the knot. Knowing that divorce isn’t an option, women would be more careful about marrying. Nice guys might actually have a chance with women for the first time in decades.

        No divorce. No exceptions. Great idea.

  5. Peter says:

    I am a conservatif swiss mennonite and found your site because I watch CNN regurarly. I fully agree with your vision of christian marriage. But how can you possibly force the stronges christian moral values to a society with plenty of atheists and agnostics ?
    Yes, we have to fight moral decline, but let’s start in our churches first!
    Don’t be like the muslims that want to force charia law on non-muslims! Thats the kind of stuff that creates civil wars as you can see in many countries, most visible in Nigeria and Sudan.

    • Seth says:

      I think the point is to make a statement about how Christians are forcing their views on non-Christians and others who wish to legalize gay marriage.

      • Paul and Greg says:

        Greg and I (Paul)live in Washington, DC. We are looking forward to being married in the Federal city in January of 2011. Equal protection of the law is guaranteed in the US Constitution that was signed a while back. In 2011 we expect to see that our founding documents aren’t bullshit. Paul and Greg will be legally married in the FEDERAL city in January 2011.

        For reference see: Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009

        Congress may intervene but is unlikely to do so.

        I love Greg and want more than anything on earth for him to be my joint tenant by the entirety. THIS IS A LEGAL TERM!!! We want our legal protection under law.

        With my best regards,


    • ModerateMoe says:


      You’ve hit the nail on the head. Forcing christian laws on non Christians. If you plan to force christian laws, enforce all of them. If a woman cheats on her man, make it a felony. If not prepared to do that, then you prove that christian law does not make American law, much the opposite of how sharia law is the state law for Muslim nations.

      Lots of people keep saying that America is a Christian nation. I disagree. America is a nation, with lots of Christians in it, and Christian morality is by and far the basis of much of the founding law of this nation. 2 very different things. Verses from the new testament can not be used as proof of violation of American law.

      I do not live in a Christian nation, I live in a free nation. I am proud to live in a nation that allows me to be Christian in it.

  6. Bill Carter says:

    Let me know how to get a petition to sign and for my friends to sign. Please.

  7. Ed says:

    please support, its good……….really good to our society and for us, for the people……….

  8. sam says:

    I think this is good. It will make people think about their decisions more when they make them. People need to learn to deal with their problems, not run away from them and just have the same problem over and over with the several other spouses a divorced person usually ends up with through their life. Fix the problem the first time, and you won’t need a second. No one really wants to get divorced anyway, they just think there is no other way to fix their problems. Infidelity is bad, but it doesn’t have to end your whole marriage… It will take a LOT of work to get past it, but marriage is about working on problems together… not taking them on by yourself.

  9. John says:

    this is CRAZY! The government isn’t the church, they don’t have any business doing this.

  10. sasha says:

    the words “til death do us part” are only included in christian ceremonies. if the couple writes their own vows, those words may not be included. in a civil ceremony, those words are not included. so why ban divorce? a household with no love is unhealthy for the children and both adults. children raised in a home full of fighting will not perform well in school; numerous studies have shown that. depression abounds when marriages are struggling, when people do nothing but fight. if marriage counseling is not working, if the love is lost, if the ceremony did not include the words “til death do us part,” there is nothing wrong with divorce. divorce is the healthy option for those couples and their children!

  11. Cardigan says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to state this, but I haven’t read all 260 comments. The ones I have read are clearly from the clueless.

    Marcotte’s initiative is a fine example of pointing out the hypocrisy that has led to bigotry being enshrined in California law. Sometimes having the obvious shoved in a person’s face is the only way to get them to see it.

    Prop. 8 was passed on fearmongering and deception. Marcotte’s initiative is nothing more than the suggestion that such zealots live by the standards they’re forcing on others.

    • Josephine the plumber says:

      His website is said in jest BUT on The View today both Joy and Elisabeth (two opposite points of view normally)used similar arguments to what is on this website to point out the hypocrisy of banning gays from marriage when straights abuse marriage (they were discussing why men like Tiger cheat on their wives).

  12. josh l-w says:

    Can you say, “You’re all falling for a massive social experiment?”

    • Seth says:

      Yep. But I support the experiment that this site is conducting.

    • Dave K. says:

      I’m loving this schadenfreude!

    • ModerateMoe says:

      best experiment ever.

      Make the self professed “Conservatives” (used big C not small, as they aren’t following actual conservative ideology, but using it as a stick to hit others with) drink their own kool-aid. The people who yell about family values the loudest tend to be those republicans who talk about nailing their assistants.

      • CA says:

        And sleeping with underage boys and girls, having affairs on their wives, and finding gay sex in airport restrooms…That sound Conservative to me.

  13. Frankn says:

    During my Sunday Morning Channel Surfing I came across the usual CNN-MSNBC-FOX NEWS-less chatter when I came across a debate about the Gay Marriages in California.

    The Left was celebrating its “victory” and the Right was spewing its indignation and disgust. It almost seems like this debate has been going on since Adam & Eve or Adam & Steve whichever side of the debate you subscribe to.

    As the two commentators rapped up their prospective arguing points, the anti –gay marriage candidate summed up that if Gay Marriages are permitted mankind, civilization, humanity would be in its last throws because the basis of this society is the sacred union of marriage between a man and a woman. The only way to salvation is to blah, blah, blah thru an amendment to the constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual experience.

    So here it is –Amend the Constitution Now -so that marriage between a man and a woman is protected and not jeopardized by the “gays”

    So surprisingly as a “gay” I agree with them but I think we need to step it up a notch.

    More than just an Amendment to protect marriage- I think we need fierce enforcement.

    We need to criminalize anything that threatens this institution.

    Step 1– Adultery needs to be given the harshest punishment allowed no exceptions. Anyone caught cheating on their marriage must face severe mandatory prison time and hard labor. No debates.

    We need to have a Marriage Police that works like drug enforcement. All married people must keep vigilance on their neighbors, friends and family –if there is an unhappy marriage it must be reported, documented and repaired!!!!

    Sex needs to become one of the prime benefits of marriage—therefore any sex outside of marriage must be outlawed.

    Hotels. motels and restaurants must verify that their clientele are legally married; couples need to carry their marriage licenses with photo id for their protection. Make it a federal offense for anyone to remove their wedding ring.

    Step 2 Divorce absolutely not allowed….. Abolish divorce law, close divorce courts, jail divorce lawyers, and eradicate divorce settlements.

    Any books, poems, movies, songs, television that have any anti marriage messages need to be permanently purged.

    Let’s enforce “till death do us part” —– if you want out of your marriage contract then let’s enforce the death clause.

    Finally let’s clean up our government now —any politicians, judges, senators, congressmen, mayors or dog catchers that have had any divorces or “indiscretions” need to resign now.

    I do…..


    • Eugene says:

      Although I appreciate your concern for the well-being of society and families (it is true that a battered woman’s wounds will heal eventually), as a liberal, compassionate person on the issue of divorce, I believe we should try to help people before they get themselves into a situation where they can be punished. I therefore propose we keep them away from the temptation of adultery. We will achieve this by banning dating websites and dating services and ensuring that all marriages are arranged by correspondence (so that no disturbing pictures may be exchanged between families or spouses to be) and we should ensure that all men and women cover up from head to toe when they go out of doors so that they do not tempt one another into adultery or entering into sham marriages, which, fortunately, can be terminated with the death penalty.

    • Big Boppa says:


      You make some excellent points but I have one more to add.

      I think all men who enter the priesthood and take a vow of chastity should be castrated. This would have two immediate benefits:

      A- they will be permanently unburdened from temptation to break their vow
      B- children would be free to attend church and school without fear of being diddled by some old coot

      It’s a win-win.

    • passerbyu says:

      Adultery needs to be given the harshest punishment ….Sex needs to become one of the prime benefits of marriage—therefore any sex outside of marriage must be outlawed…Hotels. motels and restaurants must verify that their clientele are legally married….

      Only a couple of generations ago, most of that ACTUALLY WAS the law! Except the restaurant part… usually going out to dinner was part of the courtship process even in the most chaste of dating relationships.

  14. Eugene says:

    Do you know what I just heard? Divorcees are going around to all the schools recruiting children and teenagers and teaching them that divorce is a good thing and a quick path to riches. They are teaching them that one of the surest ways to get a divorce (and to get the money) is to have extra marital affairs. They are even teaching little children at kindergarten to kiss one another and then to go behind their friend’s back and kiss other children on the playground.

    We must fight this evil. If we do not, the next thing you know, dogs and cats will be friends and will be fighting with their own kind.

    • Val says:

      And where did you hear this from?
      The gossiping old lady at the laundromat?
      Why are people so paranoined about divorced people?
      They were just unhappy in their relationship.
      Like none of you have ever been with someone that turned out to be aweful?

      • Seth says:

        I don’t think you understand the point. This site and its message exist to show how hypocritical it is to speak about traditional values and allow divorce, adultery, etc, while saying gay marriage is a threat to these values.

        I agree with this site. If you get married, to protect such a “sacred” thing, you should be chained to it for life. It’s for the good of society. Just like not allowing gays to marry *wink

    • Craig says:

      Haden, you crack me up. I do wish Blondie wasn’t so blonde, but it gives me hope the Tide will fall to the Horns in the BCS Championship Game. Non-sequetor, I know. But God loves me.

    • GreySells2 says:

      “Do you know what I just heard?” You heard Gossip!

  15. Val says:

    Let me start wth this:
    I do not believe in god.
    I do not believe that the goverment has the right to decide who can get married and who can divorce.
    Those of you that are married- How would you like it if your spouse suddenly gets violent?
    They were just the nicest person when you met them and got married, but things happen, people change.
    They smack you around a lot now and leave some hefty bruises.
    What will you do?
    Well if you’re female, accourding to your bible, you have to put up with it because the man of the house can do what he wants.
    If you’re a male, who cares right?
    You’re just asserting your dominant role of the house.
    It’s not a big deal that you beat your wife or your kids.
    You’re a man, it’s your job, how dare a woman leave you for being a man?!
    Now for those of who that agree with that last statement, I’m sure you can catch a flight to the Middle East and enjoy life there.
    Depending on where you go, the climates are similair to California.
    So, what’s traditional marrige?
    Man and Woman right?
    Last I checked, the US wasn’t exactly ‘traditional’ anymore.
    Times change, accept people for who there are.
    You have your opinion and I have mine.
    You think it’s okay to trap an abused spouse, I don’t.

    • David Gallego says:

      oh Val,
      i understand where You’re coming from, but if this is to become the law of the land, we need to train Young women in methods of modifying their mens behavior.
      an immediate castration of abusive men, so that they may not reproduce their abusive genes. Classes for Young women on methods of helping to death do us part become a reality. I’ve always been fond of accidentally spilling a pan of boiling oil on the abusive husband, sort of an oops, i was just frying chicken……
      that accidental electric heater in the bathtub, and how did that rat poison get in to that pot of chicken and dumplings, it must be that Betty Crocker cook book…
      but a good woman would keep her vow, and helping death part them from a bad man should be rewarded rather than punished….

  16. Cait says:

    I just wanted to say…I love what you guys are doing here. With this and the atheist group who wants to take Christian’s pets after the Rapture, I think there might just be hope for this country ;D I am a proud gay marriage supporter, mother of one, agnostic atheist, and I am not afraid to admit it!

    • Maggie says:

      You can’t be an agnostic atheist. They are two quite different views. You can only be one at a time. Just sayin’.

      Other than that, I totally agree with you :)

  17. Dan says:

    I truly hope we can make this happen – Nationwide would be my hope!

    • ModerateMoe says:

      “By make this happen”, I really hope you mean expose the hypocrites, make them realize their folly, and finally share equality to all allow same sex marriage.

    • Josephine the plumber says:

      I think we should start small as an experiment so as not to upset all of society and have no way back if we fail. I think we first make divorce illegal for a small group of people (I suggest politicians, preachers and of course famous golfers. Also make adultery illegal for this same group. Them we watch what effect this has on that particular class (I know, using “class” and “politician” in the same paragraph seems odd) before we institute this in general so that we may be able to better control the experiment. And for politicians we would need to have our lawyers define “adultery” so as to allow no wiggle room (for example toe-tapping in restrooms would constitute adultery as would having a girlfriend in Argentina or having a quickie with a White House Intern, etc.)

  18. Steve says:

    Marriage is a vow between a man and a woman. A vow is permanent. Always has been, always WILL BE. And that is just the definition of marriage. You can’t “legally” redefine a word to make it mean what you want it to. If you try, then I suspect you also have to legally define “love” as well as defining the purpose of marriage. Good luck with that.

    • ModerateMoe says:

      You know Steve, you can legally redefine a word to make it what is SHOULD be. That’s what the supreme court does.
      And since it fits nicely, with defining and marriage and all…. Look up miscegenation. Those are the laws that up until the 1600′s made it illegal for inter racial marriages. Back then I bet everybody would have said marriage is a vow between a man and a woman of the same race. If we want really traditional marriage, lets wipe out the interracial marriages. Patriots don’t interbreed.

      When your definition violates the rights and freedoms afforded under the constitution, definitions change.

      • Diana says:

        1600′s? You’re being optimistic. Miscegenation was illegal in many states in the United States until 1967, when Loving v. Commonwealth of Virginia went to the Supreme Court. The Virginia judge who ruled against the couple in question being able to stay married said in his decision, “Almighty God created the races, white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.” http://www.oah.org/pubs/magazine/family/cruz-berson.html. What just 40 years later seems absurd today seemed to be God’s will and common sense in 1967. So yes, Moderate Moe, I agree that any conservative insistance that marriage is marriage and has always been the same so we can’t change it simply lacks an understanding of history. I hope and pray that in 40 years this debate looks as quaint and narrow-minded as the Virginia judge’s opinion does to us today.

    • Jason Jenkins says:

      Marriage is a vow between one man and the father(s) of one or more women. Look it up, it’s in the Bible. It’s a scandal that people have tried to redefine it to be a vow between the man and the woman herself, and only one woman.

      If it were true that the word “marriage” means exactly one thing and is inviolate (which is a funny idea, because I don’t think of our laws as protecting the rights of words not to be redefined–since when do words have rights?), and that thing that marriage means is discriminatory, then the consequence would be that we need to get rid of government recognition of marriage altogether, possibly replacing it with something whose name the government would be free to define, and that would apply to everyone equally.

      • I think you misunderstand the Bible. Marriage is not, in fact, a vow. It is a business contract. The father of the groom, and sometimes the groom himself, give X amount of livestock to the father of the bride. Of course, sometimes a groom can substitute hard labor for cattle (ie Jacob). Of course, a more direct way of earning a wife is to rape a woman, since then you are *required* to marry the girl you raped. Of course, you don’t have to pay for her, because who would pay for a non-virgin?

  19. GrayDuck says:

    Another good way to protect marriage would be to enact and enforce laws against adultery and fornication. They degrade the value of marriage to society.

    • GreySells2 says:

      Fornication and adultery are the problem. I think a lot of people marry so they can fornicate legally. If someone gets cut off or bored, the next best thing is adultery. Masturbation is also part of the scene. Masturbators are thinking about fornication and/or adultery and their solitary efforts lead up to the actual sins. The focus here needs to be on procreation. Sex was not made by God to be fun and best it is enjoyed just enough, but not too much, for the married man and woman to “get it on” but not enough to get addicted to it. In other words, moderation is good. A lot of people have trouble moderating when it comes to sex. Try no lights, under the covers and in the bedroon, clothes on, [at least partially] and the missionary position [It should be clear why God invented and sanctioned that postion!], and, especially, nothing twisted like spankin or underwear, etc. This all boils down to procreational sex and nothing else, within a Church sanctioned Christian marriage between a man and a woman. Everything else is wrong. Jews, Muslins, Agnotics, Athiests, Gays and any other unGodly folks hook up is it SIN and they are gone to Heck for good. Likewise oral, anal, masturbation, sinful ideas, lust, kinky stuff, etc. is all SIN. Divorce cannot make these SINS OK. Consent between two adults does not matter if God does not make a SIN OK. And he has spoken. Some will think all these rules will make it harder to reproduce all the kids that God wants and that may be so. But if all the married couples try real hard to get the seed planted and nothing more, it will all turn out ok in the end.

      • AntiAquinas says:

        GreySells and others? Adultery, fornication and masturbation? In terms of modernity? PLEASE? Lets all try to study our bibles, OK? For a teency weency introduction into what a crock of balderdash most people divorce over, try reading ‘Divine Sex’ with an open mind and a digital bible with many translations in hand.. With an open heart to all and your eyes lifted towards heaven, perhaps a few revelations can turn some of this vituperative lashing out towards what the Lord our God instructs us to do.

      • Myron T. Philpot says:

        What we need is a squad of Sex Police to sit in on a couple’s marital relations to ensure the lights on, under the blankies, missionary position, etc. aspects of sex for procreation only are being observed to the T. There should also be an officer assigned to monitor all singles 24/7 to prevent them from “self abusing” through masterbation or “mutual abusing” through fornication. This is for everyone’s own good and will only ensure absolute purity in our society. Once we have our sexuality under control, crime, poverty and disease will disapear completely and the United States will enjoy prosperity like we’ve never known yet.

      • Absolutely. As Paul says, “It is better to marry than to burn.” But that is it. I can’t believe you even mentioned masturbation, given its clear condemnation in the story of Onan. No spilling seed allowed. Or, as the Saints Python put it, “Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If one sperm gets wasted, Gd gets quite irate.”

    • Craig says:

      Could we bring back stoning? It’s certainly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other methods of execution….

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  21. This Is A Brilliant and Wise Strategy says:

    I totally endorse this idea; I am a straight woman, brought up in a fairly liberal household–we went to Episcopal church (because it was the thing to do). This gets to the “heart” of the anti-gay marriage argument–e.g. “marriage is a church/god endorsed sacrament only between a man and a woman”, and, of course, the marriage liturgy always has the happy couple say “until death do us part.” Let’s support the “religious right” in their desire to have marriage remain a sacrament, which cannot be broken during life. Then we’ll really see the true colors of the promoters. I am sure that about 5-10% of the population really feels that divorce is a religious sin, and for those people, we support you. The other 95% of the Christian right talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk (how many of them are divorced, cheating on their spouses, or have [and support] friends or children who are doing the same?) This not a ‘light’ subject, and I hope that John takes his mission seriously. We complain, day after day, about how deceptive politicians are, and how little we can do about that. Well, here is an opportunity to challenge the deceptiveness of the Christian right, which literally hides behind the teachings of the church to enforce their honored-in-the-breach values on the rest of society…let’s have these values enforced on them, too! I am willing to collect signatures, and get this on the ballot…you too, I hope!

  22. Evil-Lynn says:

    To Haden and all who agree with him (even if he’s just playing devil’s advocate as I suspect).

    Reading these comments made me reject church completely because I do not want to be associated with any Christian who says: “When I see a nice piece of ass, it’s my choice to tap or not to tap said ass.” I thought bible thumping people spoke nicer. And you should definitely not have sex with asses, they are just innocent animals! Or maybe you are a latent … oh you know! Sorry, I am insulting gay people.

  23. Jen says:

    It looks like this is another bigoted political campaign that blurs the lines of Church and State. I feel only deep pity and sorrow that these arrogant, insolent, and ignorant campaigns are still around. I would have hoped that two thousand and (almost) ten years after the birth of Jesus, humans would be more evolved and learned about many things enough to prevent these awful things from existing. If this is a political campaign, there should be NOTHING religious about it, yet here society goes again, suppressing the minority and using extremist religious beliefs to gain political acknowledgment and power. This can be compared to the extremist Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, playing on people’s religious morale. This is awful, and even disgusting.

    • ModerateMoe says:

      That or… it is the exact opposite of what you just said.

      It is pointing out the lack of separation. It uses the same arguments that were used for proposition h8. if you couldn’t in good conscience vote for this and you voted for prop h8, you’re a hypocrite.

      • Jen says:

        don’t worry. i was as anti-prop 8 as i am for this. Divorce is not a political, federal, or government issue! it is a personal choice that a man or woman makes based on their own beliefs. I’m only relieved by the fact that i KNOW they cannot get the 700,000 necessary signatures, because there are not that many people with such bigoted and stupid mind frames

  24. Brianne says:

    If you’re against divorce, then don’t get one – It’s pretty simple. I can never understand the drive in some people that makes them need to have a law to back up their personal beliefs. Really, stop worrying about what other people do and other people’s eternal souls, and focus on yourself. I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

  25. Harley says:

    I stongly believe that we should ban divorces, and i’m only 16. I have a step dad. When my parents got divorced we lost everything basically, now we’re poor. The only thing that I am concerned about, is if we ban divorce, what happens to the people who end up getting married and then abused. I think there should be some sort of help towards that. Example: Girl married boy (he had never abused her before) now that they’re married he abuses her. Or Girl married boy and when they eventually have a child, boy would abuse them. Would you want to be stuck in that relationship? People do change. And like I said, I’m all for banning divorce, but where does the peace come in? How can we make it so that it is alright for certain people to be divorced?

  26. Alert Citizen says:

    Great publicity Stunt! This is not a hate mail but I would like to get some answers about your direction of thinking!
    Marriage is something that two people enter into willfully to prosper as a family and build the communities. For people like you, it can be defined as a legal contract as well (same as a job- you have a contract with your company to work for them….when you don’t like them you resign).
    I don’t know how many years have you been married, but just step away from what Bible/Quran/Geeta says (I am saying this because the world including you is not perfect), and answer how will you handle the following cases:

    1. Someone has been married forcefully with an abusive husband.
    2. One of the spouses become irresponsible and abusive after the marriage and refuse to change even after counseling.
    3. One of the spouse develops a habit of extra marital affairs.
    4. One of the spouse goes to Jail for antisocial activities and the other spouse does not support his ideology.
    5. You just misread a person and both the partners willfully want to separate without any qualms.

    • ModerateMoe says:

      “God hates divorce” (Malachi 2:16)

      Obviously most Californians follow the Judea-Christian model of marriage as being only for procreation. If this wasn’t the case, it would be a civil rights violation to restrict marriage from 2 people just because they can’t participate in said procreation, and since prop 8 passed, and Californians aren’t bigots, we know its due to the religious or procreation reasons. As a Catholic I know that old school Catholic theory follows that if you are knowingly not able to have children, you may not marry in the Catholic church. We like our women barefoot and pregnant.

      Christian model of marriage accepted as the basis, then it would follow that 2 people can separate, but may not marry another. Per the bible if a woman divorces and marries another man she commits adultery and forces him to do so also.

      Matthew 19:9 says, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

      So my answer to your questions 1- separate but may never remarry. 2)deal with it or separate and never remarry, 3) follow Matthew 19:9, 4)deal with it or separate and never remarry, 5) deal with it or separate and never remarry.

      If we follow these, we should also re institute the policy of stoning for adultery, for women, not men. Stoning men for adultery would be silly, we’d run out of stones.

  27. susan says:

    Totally irrelavant but Diabetes is not a choice.

    • ModerateMoe says:

      Hmm… not 100% in agreement there.
      Type I diabetes is definitely not a choice.

      Type II- hmm… go to walmart and tell me some of those huge people don’t have Type II. I bet those Twinkies didn’t hop in their mouths on their own….

      Also interesting that you didn’t try to correct that homosexuality isn’t a choice..

  28. Scotto says:

    Please donate to John’s cause. My boyfriend of 20 years and I married during the brief period when it was legal. Little did we know of the damage our marriage would wreak; all of our straight married friends have divorced in the year since. We didn’t mean for this to happen! We’re SO sorry!! PLEASE HELP JOHN TODAY!!

  29. absurdity. says:

    this is absurd. this man is nuts, he needs to get his feet back on the ground and realize that he is making a fool of himself for even attempting to ban divorce – things happen, divorce is a necessary thing on certain occasions.

    • Josephine the plumber says:

      Please know that this entire website is “tongue in cheek”. It is using the arguments to pass anti-gay marriage legislation (specifically Prop 8 but the arguments for banning gay marriage seem to be the same nationwide). So all the author of this website is doing is taking those same arguments, such as allowing gays to marry is dangerous to straight’s marriages, and carrying them a little further so as to further help “protect” marriage. That being said, if it gets on the ballot (it won’t) I’m voting for it so that the people who won’t let me get married to my love will suffer eternally in their marriages with no hope of escape by divorce. Oooops, sorry for that last part, my bitterness is showing. Hopefully I let you in to the point of this website. Happy Holidays!!!!

    • ModerateMoe says:

      John M is not nuts. He is well balanced. Watch the interviews online.

      The group he is behind ending divorce because every time a marriage ends, the baby Jesus cries. Don’t make the baby Jesus cry at Christmas, help end divorce.

  30. matt says:

    i want to sign your balllot initiative can you mail me one. also when they had all the yes on 8 bumper stickers you should have some and you and the media need to go to churchs and conservative groups to get them on camera on thir position this is classic.

  31. Cheshire Cat says:

    I agree with you to some degree:

    I don’t think any straight people should be allowed to divorce until gay & trans folks are able to marry! ;)

    • ModerateMoe says:

      Best example of how “straight” marriage is not traditional, sanctified.. whatever the prop 8 people said.
      On CNN.com today:

      Man wins lottery, Divorces wife.

      Shouldn’t this put the whole issue to bed? Marriage is what you make of it. I think gay people will respect it more than us dumb straights do. We take it for granted, and removing the ability to divorce is the only way to save it!

  32. John says:

    What about a TERM DESIGNATION on a marriage license to end divorce? People are not forced to have a driver’s license forever, nor are politicians allowed to serve in a give office forever! WHY BE MARRIED “FOREVER”? End divorce by allowing marriages (and the licenses that “acknowledge” them!) to simply EXPIRE! If there are kids involved, SELL THEM to a couple willing to adopt, and end the abortion issue as well!

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  34. steve says:

    Funny how my fellow Christians can’t seem to shut up about their two favorite topics: gay marriage and abortion. (Two thing our Savior never said one word about.) Jesus did, however, have a WHOLE LOT to say about divorce! In fact, to divorce and remarry is to commit adultery.

    Let’s see what Californians think about having their marital options curtailed to protect the sanctity of marriage and the well-being of children. Let’s don our short-sleeved white shirts and black ties, affix our nameplates, hop on our bikes and advance our righteous cause! By meeting their immoral lifestyle choice, “divorce”, head on!

  35. PaDumBumPsh says:

    OK, let’s try that again.

    Here’s a bumper sticker idea I threw together back in January. Not a STICKER per se, just a response to all the one man-one woman marriage stickers out there. Feel free to download.

    Bumper Sticker

  36. Bryan says:

    Wow. Just wow. This website and its comments are proof of the lunacy “religion” propagates. I hope you religious nutjobs don’t ever have children. What’s so ironic is the ultra right wing Christians are just as crazy as the Muslim extremists, they’re just sneakier about getting their distorted views forced upon the population.

    God help you all.

  37. COQ10 says:

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  41. anonymous says:

    No updates to this website in quite a while, sadly. Certainly not since the Chick Fil A flapdoodle. Regarding which, consider this statement:

    “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.” — Dan Cathy, CEO, Chick Fil A

    Okay, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Am I the only person in the country, who noticed that is is much, much more an anti-divorce statement, than an anti-gay statement? Didn’t anyone else catch this? Where are all the divorced protestors?

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